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Buran Space Shuttle

Buran Space Shuttle
Buran Space Shuttle
Buran Space Shuttle
Buran Space Shuttle
Buran Space Shuttle
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The Buran space shuttle made its triumphant flight on November 15, 1988. It circled the Earth twice and made the first ever automatic landing of a winged spacecraft on the landing complex of the Baikonur Cosmodrome.
This event was the crowning achievement of the most complex Russian cosmonautics program, which began in the mid-1970s. We can safely say that the Energia-Buran reusable space system program has become the largest space project in our history.
Buran: a flight ahead of its time!
The model of the Buran space shuttle in scale 1:144 is for real lovers of space technology.
Size: 170x160 mm.
Material: polyester resin.
Its support is made of dark polished natural wood with a metal leg, metal nameplate " Buran Space Shuttle" with the logo of Roscosmos State Space Corporation.
The model is accompanied by a gift box with a foam lodgment.

Made in Russia.
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