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The Glavkosmos calendar for 2022

The Glavkosmos calendar for 2022
The Glavkosmos calendar for 2022
The Glavkosmos calendar for 2022
The Glavkosmos calendar for 2022
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Dear friends! According to the Oriental calendar the year 2022 is that of the Black Water Tiger. We at Glavkosmos treat the feline family with love and passion, so we just could not ignore this fact. Some of our colleagues claim that pictures with cats bring positive emotions and have a positive effect on immune system, referring to the opinion of some "reputable scientists" (perhaps, the British ones). In any case, kittens remain kittens, they touch not only little girls with pigtail bows, but melt hearts of harsh rocket scientists and space engineers.

Therefore, to implement the idea of the calendar for 2022, we chose works of the artist Vasya Lozhkin, who enthusiastically supported our initiative and this time, sent his well-loved characters to explore space. The characters, in their turn, reacted to this not only responsibly, but also with a fair amount of humor - hidden and not very hidden, which quite well fits into the Glavkosmos idea of self-irony.

Dear friends,

Welcome the 2023 Glavkosmos calendar!

When creating it, we decided to take an experiment with the capabilities of the neural network, which allowed us to play with the theme of human space exploration. As a result, we got fascinating, bizarre in their novelty pictures, for which everyone can find their own associations.

So, for some, the pictures of the calendar will become a look into tomorrow, a reflection of those colorful pictures of the Universe and the planets of the solar system, which are transmitted to Earth by modern spacecraft. For some, these pictures will remind of the worlds and universes born by the genius of the recognized masters of science fiction and glorifying space pioneers and workers of the future.

The image of a cat, traditional for Glavkosmos, which travels from calendar to calendar and from year to year, was embodied by the neural network on the cover of the calendar, turning it into a real space (or is it Alien?) Cat!

We hope that the Space Cat in 2023 will keep order in your home and work affairs, and will also press the tails of all annoying mice!

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