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The Glavkosmos calendar for 2024

The Glavkosmos calendar for 2024
The Glavkosmos calendar for 2024
The Glavkosmos calendar for 2024
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This year, the pages of our calendar combine the cultural wealth of our country, the cosmos of the future and fantastic worlds in the presentation of illustrator Igor Glushchenko. Russian Russian illustrations are based on Russian folk tales and epics, embodied on the canvases of world-famous Russian artists. A whole layer of folk folklore, multiplied by the genius of the artists and seasoned with a fair amount of science fiction view of the colonization of distant planets - this is how our calendar turned out this time. A2 (594x420) mm format, on a spring, vertical. Material: the cover is coated double-sided cardboard 350 g/m2, the main block is 12 strips 250 g/m2 Packaging: cellophane Made in Russia.
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Фантастически достойный, необычный, с юмором и смыслом и очень красивый календарь, как художественное оформление так и исполнение. Браво!

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