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Children's atlas of the starry sky with stickers, N.G.Kutsayeva

Children's atlas of the starry sky with stickers, N.G.Kutsayeva
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The children's atlas invites the child to go on an exciting journey through the starry sky. A little astronomer will be able to find out what constellations are, what names they bear and how to find them in the evening sky. In addition, the baby is waiting for a meeting with various animals and objects, as well as heroes of ancient myths and fantastic creatures that the human imagination has seen in clusters of stars. Colorful illustrations, visual maps of the starry sky and more than a hundred bright stickers will turn a child's acquaintance with the world of constellations into an interesting game. Publishing house: AST Author: Kutsayeva Natalia Georgievna For adult classes with children Age restrictions: 0+ 101 stickers.
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