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Valentin Glushko. The man who paved the way to space. Glushko A.V. Davydenko V.

Valentin Glushko. The man who paved the way to space. Glushko A.V. Davydenko V.
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The twentieth century, among many outstanding achievements, was marked by the realization of mankind's age-old dream of overcoming the forces of gravity, which marked the beginning of the space age. Space exploration has become irreversible. The problems of the Earth and the oceans, weather and yields, the study of natural resources and environmental protection, navigation, cartography, radio and television communications, the production of ultrapure substances and unique materials - all this and much more is directly related to space, which has become a working platform, laboratory and workshop of earthlings. In the glorious galaxy of pioneers of Russian rocket science and cosmonautics, one of the most important places is occupied by Academician Valentin Petrovich Glushko, whose name is associated with all the most important events that took place during the formation and development of the industry. Author: Glushko A.V., Davidenok V. Dimensions: 21.9x14.6x3.1 cm. Number of pages: 608 Country of manufacture: Russia Genre: biography. Cover: hardcover. Age restrictions: 16+
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