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Soyuz MS-22/23 patch

 Soyuz MS-22/23 patch
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Chevron with the emblem of the descent vehicle of the Soyuz MS-22/23 spacecraft.

Soyuz MS-23 was launched from Baikonur on February 24, 2023. The ship reached the ISS in unmanned mode. It replaced the manned Soyuz MS-22, which in December 2022 had a depressurization of the temperature control system due to a radiator breakdown by a sporadic micrometeoroid.

In September 2023, Soyuz MS-23 is to ensure the regular return to Earth of the crew consisting of Roscosmos cosmonauts Sergei Prokopyev, Dmitry Petelin and NASA astronaut Francisco Rubio, as well as their urgent descent in case of an emergency.

The upper part of the emblem, which has the shape of a circle, bears the logo of Roscosmos, as well as the national flags of the participating countries of the flight: Russia and the United States. The composition is built around the image of the descent vehicle of the ship. On the left is a stylized image of the International Space Station. At the bottom of the emblem is the name and serial number: Soyuz MS-22/23.

The names of the crew members are not listed in the circle: Russians Sergey Prokopyev and Dmitry Petelin, as well as American Francisco Rubio. Animals are depicted nearby: a swan and a turtle, as well as a figure in the shape of a sail.

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