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Return Policy

Dear customers,

General information

The goods of proper quality purchased in the online store might be returned within 30 days from the date of transfer of the goods to the buyer. The easiest way to return an item is to fill out the Product Return Form here and send the returned product to us at the address indicated on the Product Return Form.

The returned product of proper quality shall be provided (returned)

•         in full packaging;

•         without any traces of use or any types of damage, while maintaining the presentation and consumer properties;

•         in undamaged original package;

•         with a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of goods;

•         with a product return form filled out by the buyer, which indicates the name of the product, the reason for the return, the quantity, and total cost of the returned product.

Please note that:

·         If you want to refuse the paid product before receiving it, inform the manager of the online store by phone or e-mail specified in the Contact Us Section. The money paid for the goods will be returned to your bank card, from which the payment for the goods was made, after you have made the appropriate request (the duration depends on the bank that issued your bank card).

·         When returning an item, fill out the Product Return Form and enclose it with the shipment of the item you are returning. Send the shipment with the returned goods using any postal or courier service that you prefer, or deliver the returned goods yourself to the address: 39/3 Gilyarovsky St., Moscow.

·         Postage and courier fees shall be paid by the sender and shall not be refundable by the seller.

Product Return Form